Pengo Unveils the World-First FreeSync-Supported Capture Card

Pengo Unveils the World-First

FreeSync-Supported Capture Card

August, 2nd, 2021  Taipei, Taiwan  Pengo today releases the world-leading VideoSync Grabber Box which is a limited edition for high-end/professional gamers. Pengo VideoSync Grabber Box is available on Amazon for USD 349.99. Pengo VideoSync Grabber Box is the absolute capture card a gamer must-have. Play and view games on your FreeSync/VRR monitor via the loop-out port. VRR mode enables you to experience tear-free, silky-smooth, and ultra-realistic gameplay whilst streaming/capturing at 4K30.  

VideoSync Grabber Box designed for dual HDMI-input devices to the computer through the USB-C terminal. This powerful external capture card will maintain your computer’s performance when using the Grabber. No driver required!

You Should Not Be Limited

Never let complicated software set-up limit your creative streaming sessions. Pengo is here to help you, to make things simple. VideoSync Grabber Box comes with a GUI interface. Allowing you to perform dual HDMI input with PIP and PBP mode to capture and stream with the software you like, such as OBS, Zoom, Skype, XSplit, vMix, and more. The GUI interface is currently only available for Windows users.


Show whatever you like to the world

Last but not the least, dual HDMI-input design makes the VideoSync Grabber Box more flexible. Simultaneously connect two HDMI devices, such as PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and/or the latest 4K Digital Single-Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras.  Transmit data to the computer faster and more stable by going through the USB-C terminal. Life has never been easier to show every critical movement and sound to the world.

Product Details

Now Available Globally

The Pengo VideoSync Grabber Box is now available on Amazon at USD 349.99 (

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