What capture card supports 120hz or VRR?

As a gamer or a streamer, you want your gaming experience to be as smooth and responsive as possible. One technology that can greatly enhance your gaming experience is the variable refresh rate (VRR).

In simple terms, VRR is a feature that allows your display to adjust its refresh rate to match the frame rate of the game you're playing. This results in a smoother and more responsive experience while gaming. There are three main types of VRR: FreeSync, G-Sync, and Adaptive-Sync, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks explained [here]

As a streamer, choosing the right capture card for your setup can also have an impact on the VRR experience. It's important to ensure that your capture card is compatible with the VRR technology being used on your gaming monitor. This ensures that the VRR technology works seamlessly when capturing and streaming gameplay footage.

For example, if you have a FreeSync monitor and an AMD graphics card, you'll want to choose a capture card that's also compatible with FreeSync, like our VideoSync Capture Card or 4K Grabber Pro. Similarly, if you have a G-Sync monitor and an Nvidia graphics card, you'll want to make sure that your capture card is compatible with G-Sync.

When choosing a capture card, look for one with a low latency rating and support for high refresh rates. This ensures the best possible VRR experience for both gaming and streaming.   However, it's worth keeping in mind that while gaming, you may experience the benefits of VRR, but your viewers may not be able to experience the same effects during your stream.  The platform has to support VRR, the viewer monitor has to support VRR. Which is why, it's important to make sure that the capture card you choose supports at least a pass-through of VRR to ensure an uninterrupted gaming experience.  Capture of VRR is not really necessary as the platforms might not support it or the viewers might not have a VRR monitor.  

In conclusion, VRR is an essential technology for gamers who want a smooth and responsive gaming experience. As a streamer, choosing the right capture card that's compatible with your VRR technology can further enhance your gaming experience and ensure a smooth gameplay for both gaming and streaming. Whether you choose FreeSync, G-Sync, or Adaptive-Sync, be sure to do your research and choose the right technology for your setup.